Sample cake sketch for a 25th Wedding Anniversary

All of my cakes are unique designs created by me (unless you have provided me with a picture of a cake design you want me to copy, in which case I always attempt to give credit to the original designer).

My inspiration comes from several different sources - perhaps it's the invitation, the location (is it at the beach?), the theme of the occasion (graduation?) or a story you've told me about the honoree.  During our initial consultation, which can take place by phone, by email or in person, I will gather all the necessary information about your event - the occasion, the time and date, location, theme, number of people you want to feed, whether other desserts are being served etc). I then get to work sketching up preliminary designs on the computer which I will email you for input.  Together we then fine-tune the details and agree on a final design.

In the example below, my client emailed me a copy of the invitation and said the party was to honor her mother-in-law who was turning 70.  She described her as a "larger" lady, who loved a cocktail and a good joke, and also mentioned that she and her two sisters would be performing a dance routine at the party, dressed in white t-shirts with orange polka dot bikinis printed on them. I sketched up the design on the computer, using a stock image from the internet as a "placeholder" for the figure that would be sitting on top of the cake, letting the client know that, obviously, the final figure would be made to look like her mother in law. We fine-tuned the details by email and
then I got to work on the cake. As you can see, at the last minute I was inspired to add a big sun, with "70" in the middle, which gave the cake
a little extra pizzazz.