All of my cakes are unique designs created by me (unless you have provided me with a picture of a cake design you want me to copy, in which case I always attempt to give credit to the original designer).

My inspiration comes from several different sources - perhaps it's the invitation, the location (is it at the beach?), the theme of the occasion (graduation?) or a story you've told me about the honoree.  During our initial consultation, which can take place by phone, by email or in person, I will gather all the necessary information about your event - the occasion, the time and date, location, theme, number of people you want to feed, whether other desserts are being served etc).

I then get to work sketching up preliminary designs on the computer which I will email you for input.  Together we then fine-tune the details and agree on a final design.

Inspiration vx Perspiration.jpg

An original design, next to the finished cake


Sample cake design