Age: 10+     Length: 2 hours    Cost: $360 (max 6 kids)

This is a great way for a small group of kids or teens to celebrate a birthday. We start off with some decorating basics, such as:

  • General baking tips to give you a good cupcake to work with.  Soaking syrups and filled cupcakes.
  • An overview of two main frostings and the effects you can achieve with them: buttercream frosting and fondant
  • Piping bags and how to fill and use them
  • An overview of icing tips and nozzles and the patterns they produce.
  • Adding decorative accents: fondant cut-outs, sprinkles etc. 
  • Parties can be themed by request, for example animal face cupcakes or flowers etc

Then the kids get a dozen home-made cupcakes to frost and decorate to their heart's content. Each child takes their creations home in a beautiful display box. Click here to make an enquiry.