Oscars 2019

This massive cake was made for a pre-Oscars benefit gala in aid of the Veterans. Feeding 125 people, it had five tiers - although it looked like four because the big white tier was in fact two 10” tiers stacked on top of each other and decorated as if they were one tier - this is called a Double Barrelled Cake). The bottom tier was a night scene of the Hollywood hills, featuring silhouettes of the Los Angeles skyline and lit-up with mini LED “search lights”. The middle tier was a representation of the Dolby Theater, complete with a carved alcove with red carpeted steps disappearing inside. The outside was adorned with edible image movie posters of the nominees in the Best Picture category. The black tier was decorated with a move theater marquee, announcing the event and the top tier was decorated in the Stars and Stripes and was topped with a fondant model of a saluting soldier made to look like as Oscar statuette. It was so heavy I had to transport it in two pieces and finish the assembly on site at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City!


More mini LED lights were concealed behind the curtains to light up the inside of the theater